Untroducing myself to #clmooc 2015

Participants were invited to “untroduce” ourselves in the first Make Cycle of #clmooc. My contributions felt hurried this week but looking back, I find some substance in what I shared digitally.

First, I hastily created this Pokemon card. It might reveal that I’ve been drawn into the world of Pokemon by my daughters and my students. It might reveal that I believe in #kidwatching as an important strategy for learning about education.


In #clmooc’s first official Twitter chat, I untroduced myself this way:

This tweet might reveal my interest in games and characters within those games. For those parents or teachers participating in #clmooc who’ve become fluent in Pokemon card reading, the way I have, maybe Snorlax’s “attacks”- Stir and Snooze and Sleepy Press- prompt a smile. When I’m suckered into a game of Pokemon by my daughters I usually identify with this pudgy, sleepy pocket monster.

Then, I contributed this tweet to #clmooc and KQED’s #donow.

The household object that defines me this morning is the magnifying glass my girls left lying on the couch. I’m a magnifying glass when I surf and skim through the channels of #clmooc looking for posts to inspire my participation and spur my creativity. When I find something that strikes my eye, I slow and study what participants contribute. The hundreds of posts above or below I tune out in order to pay intentional attention to the people in #clmooc, one or two at a time.

I also chose the magnifying class because my daughters spent the night at Grandma’s house last night. The house is quiet now without them but they are still with us, represented by childhood clutter.  With the girls gone my wife and I enjoyed a needed date night- one that began with sushi at Sushi Den in Denver and ended with me sleeping through a movie on the couch. See… Snorlax strikes again.


One thought on “Untroducing myself to #clmooc 2015

  1. Your Un-Introduce is fun. I have a Pokemon toy thanks to my niece, but am not familiar with cards. I don’t think it’s Snorlax. You’ll have to inform me. 🙂

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